Switchboards are essential components in electrical systems, providing a centralised control point for distributing power within a building or facility. They play a crucial role in managing and directing electrical currents to various circuits, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electricity.
CBD Connections offers custom designed, engineered and manufactured switchboards to fit any application. We can also provide installation and testing to ensure safe and reliable operation.
Design & engineering
Within our design and engineering team we offer customised solution based on the specific requirements of the clients needs. The design process includes considerations for electrical load, safety standards, space constraints and the overall layout of the facility.
Manufacturing & assembly
Once the design is finalised and approved by client our manufacturing and assembly process begins. This involves all switchboard components including panels, busbar, isolation and circuit protection devices. Our electricians assemble these components into a functioning switchboard according to the approved design.
CBD Connections offers installation services, ensuring that the switchboards are correctly integrated into the clients electrical system. We can also provide ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades to the clients product. This service is provided by licensed electricians with years of experience in the industry.
Testing & Compliance
All our switchboards undergo rigorous testing procedures to verify their functionality, reliability and compliance. Testing includes performance tests, temperature rise, insulation resistance tests and other assessments to ensure the switchboards can handle the specific loads and operate safely.
All switchboards manufactured and installed by CDB Connections adhere to Australian standards AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical installation and wiring rules, as well as AS/NZS 61439 low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies.
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